Hungarian Exodus

2016 represents the 60th Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution. Special events will occur throughout the World emphasising Hungary's (1956) fight for freedom and justice. In Canada, programmes, events such as the Oral History Project and the 1956 Memorial Hungarian Exhibit are planned by the Rakocz Foundation together with the Hungarian Consulate(Toronto) and will be ongoing from Halifax to Vancouver. This is Hungarians THANK YOU to Canada!
Photograph of Hungarian refugees holding hands on a cliff.
  • The exhibition was on view from October 19, 2023 to November 1, 2023 at the Attila József Information and Education Center of the University of Szeged.

Histoire de l’immigration

The 1956 revolution was a very important milestone in the relationship between Canada and Hungary. There are currently 350,000 people living in Canada who claim to be of Hungarian descent. Most Hungarian immigrants arrived after the Second World War, the number of those who arrived after the 1956 revolution hovered around 100,000. In 1956-57, Canada acted very quickly and decided to accept all Hungarian refugees and to help Hungarians settle in the country by involving civil organizations. In the history of the country, this was the first such large wave of refugees that took place in an extremely short time. During this time, Canada developed and set up a model that has been an important basis for the country's immigration policy ever since.
Photograph of tanks in Hungary 1956
La chronologie

The temporary exhibition “HUNGARIAN EXODUS TO CANADA” can be seen in Szeged until first of November FR

On Thursday, October 19, the József Attila Information and Education Center (TIK) of the University…

HUNGARIAN EXODUS 1956 – Exhibition in the mobile camp of Rákóczi FR

The young people of the Rákóczi Mobile Camp are committed and interested in history and…

The essay writing competition organized in honor of the festive anniversary ended with great success FR

In connection with the Hungarian Exodus 1956 exhibition, the Rákóczi Foundation announced an essay contest.

Fondation Rákóczi

The Canadian Rákóczi Foundation works to help Hungarian students abroad. The main objective of the Foundation is to maintain the sense of Hungarianness among youth of Hungarian origin worldwide, through the support of students. At the same time, our goal is to destroy the obstacles (misinformation, isolation) that have made it difficult for people living in separated areas to belong together, to love each other, to live in the spirit of openness and tolerance.
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