1956 Memorial - The hungarian exodus


The participants of the Students Without Boundaries program are committed and interested in history and culture of east-central Europe, but particularly of the Carpathian basin. It is critically important for them to learn about the fateful moments in Hungarian history and that  all this be accomplished through archival documents and historical sources that reflect the true history of events.

In view of the above, the young people were able to familiarize themselves with the material of the Hungarian Exodus 1956 exhibit, which was temporarily set up by the organizers in the hall of the dormitory serving as the location of Students Without Boundaries in Budapest.

Tibor Lukács, a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, who himself left Hungary with his parents in 1956, was of special assistance in familiarizing the individual tableaus and in providing a deeper understanding and experience of the events. Tibor is familiar to all the participants with the program, as he has worked and continues to work for the success of Students Without Boundaries for many years as a group leader. The young people flooded Tibor with countless questions while viewing the exhibit and followed his stories with rapt attention, listening to his memories of the events of 1956 and his arrival to Canada as a refugee.