1956 Memorial - The hungarian exodus

The Exhibition

The Rákóczi Foundation, together with the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, launched a joint program called the Oral History Project. In the project, the history of the refugees who arrived to Canada between 1956 and 1958 were gathered for generations of future historians,  recording everything that the refugees experienced during and after the revolution.

The main goal of the program was for second and third generation descendants of the refugees to interview their parents, grandparents and other family members about their personal recollections and stories. The interviews were conducted in the two official languages of Canada.

The full material may be found on the Simon Fraser University website:


Some of the collected material was used in compiling the Hungarian Exodus Exhibit in 2006, under the patronage of the Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency Michael Jean. Since 2006, the Hungarian Exodus exhibit has been touring Canada, and over the past many years it has been on display in countless museums, universities, city halls and several government buildings.

The Hungarian Embassy of Canada in Budapest requisitioned a separate Hungarian-English copy of the Exhibit, so the Exhibit is also on tour in Hungary and can be presented to interested Hungarian audiences at conferences, universities, and libraries. The material of the exhibition not only authentically presents the special process through which Canada contributed in a unique way to the reception of Hungarian refugees, but also strengthens Canadian-Hungarian relations.

In the exhibition material, interested parties can learn about a specific moment in time as reflected in Hungarian and Canadian history.