1956 Memorial - The hungarian exodus


In connection with the Hungarian Exodus 1956 exhibition, the Rákóczi Foundation announced the results of an essay competition. The submitted materials amounted to more than six hundred pages. The judging committee was made up of a jury of three members, who donated time and energy to read and evaluate the hundreds of pages of entries received.

The selection and multi-round evaluation was completed by January 2008. From among the submissions, forty-seven selected works were included on the CD titled Stories from the Heart, which was presented by the Executive of the Foundation in an elegant setting at the annual Rákóczi Gala Ball.

Choosing the winners was difficult, but in the end the five best submissions received unique recognition: the finalists received the commemorative medal by the outstanding Canadian artist and medalist, Dóra de Pedery-Hunt.

Benkő GabriellaVersek
Prof. De Róth László56 Angyal
Felkai Ferenc Q.C.Pesti Srác: Egy Szemtanú Emlékezik
Gemer GyörgyEmlékezéseim 56-ról
Kenedi IlonaA Csönd Tovább Mesél

We express our thanks to all those who participated in the competition!